About Us

Agriculture House was established as a specialist agribusiness development company in 2007. The company has a “Level1” BBBEE status and is 100% Black-owned with nine experienced managing specialists in various fields of agribusiness specialization.

Working towards facilitating the transition from emerging to commercial agriculture sector.

This is achieved through Investments, Consulting Services, Farms’ Management Services, and Skills Transfer. Our expertise also extends through working with local and international strategic partners.

Our Mission

To provide reliable, practical solutions and quality products to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Vision

To be a trusted centre for knowledge in Agribusiness Development.

The Reality

Agriculture House is partnering with government, farmers and the agri-industry at large in trying to address some of these challenges.

  • Divide between developing agriculture and the commercial sector is widening,
  • Very little has been achieved to transform this sector,
  • Black farmers are not participating fully in the food value chains,
  • The majority of Black people are consumers i.e. no means to produce their own food,
  • The current marketing structure does not favor or allow easy access by Black farmers,
  • Industry Regulatory bodies are not doing enough to support emerging farmers,
  • Mentorship program on bought back farms is not effective,
  • There is skills shortage at both small farmer and government level to develop and implement agri-value chains,
  • In rural areas there is no infrastructure and farming equipment making it difficult for Black farmers to produce required volumes for markets.